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Southern (adjective): in or characteristic of a region of the United State south of the Mason-Dixon line; situated in or oriented toward the South • Primer (noun): a short informative piece of writing; a small introductory writing on a subject • theRDBcollection (noun): an art and design business by artist and owner Renee Dent Blankenship creating original fine art photography and other artwork, stationery, adornments, and pieces for your home & life; inspired by all things Southern

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Artist-Owner Renee Dent Blankenship

Thanks for visiting, y’all!

art glass, theRDBcollection, fleur de lis paperweight, fleur de lis photo, New Orleans, NOLA, therdbcollection.comThis SOUTHERN PRIMER will be about my artisan works, creative process and the delights of all things Southern.  I adore the South … was born and raised and went to school and married here.  Being in the Deep South I will certainly have some inspiration for blog articles so join me as I explore Southern history and folklore, wonderful music and art, great food, interesting authors and talented artists, Southern lifestyle, historic places, beautiful architecture and so much more.  I know I have tons of photographs to share from my portfolio. These fine art photos are a part of my work as well as show my inspiration for other pieces I create! The South is definitely my muse. I hope you enjoy the new posts as they become available.   Your interest and support are very much appreciated.  Feel free to contact me and comment on posts.  Please FOLLOW theRDBcollection Southern Primer BLOG.

Thanks for visiting, y’all; and please come again to read and chat with me as I explore art, the South and my work. ~ RDB